The Brief

The brief for this impressive family home began with a relatively restricted suburban site in Vaucluse which provided an exciting challenge for Tanner Architects and Komplete Construction.

The brief included a number of requirements such as basement parking, a swimming pool, wine cellar and games room as well as a solution that allowed the house that maintained a strong connection with the surrounding gardens.

A key objective for the build was to create an environment that was energy efficient all year round.

The Solution

In response to the brief and site restrictions, a family retreat over four levels was created, with an emphasis on vertical circulation.

The generous floor-area of 1,155sqm is based around a three-storey atrium staircase featuring a glazed wall which floods the centre of the home with natural light.

The staircase alone showcases the attention to detail and the use of natural materials within this residence. Spotted gum timber treads appear to float effortlessly from the three-storey sandstone wall, and a glass balustrade protruding through the treads give the feeling that they are one piece.

The interior spaces are defined by an individual character and style, ranging from opulent and luxurious in the formal living areas through to playful and colourful in the games and cinema rooms.

Energy efficiency was addressed with an operable skylight above the atrium designed to draw warm air from the house to cool the masonry structure. To minimise the energy required in winter, a solar hydronic heating system was installed under the stone floors and the same solar system operates to provide potable hot water and heating for the pool.

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