The Brief

The eclectic inner-city suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney provided the ideal location for the Short Lane development. Envisaged to connect urban living with nature, the development was planned to create a destination with botanical spaces, laneways and venues for both the residents and wider community.

The brief had a strong environmental agenda; to maximise natural daylight while maintaining thermal performance and privacy.

Close consideration to surrounding heritage buildings was imperative. The building had to appeal to the edgy and diverse community and surrounding, whilst complementing the adjoining Wesley Mission building and the 1847 Methodist Church facade.

The Solution

A collaboration between award-winning architect Dominic Alvaro and Komplete brought Short Lane to life.

Each apartment has an understated aesthetic, stripped back to exposed concrete complemented by the warmth of oak floors and carefully planned lighting to create a true urban retreat.

A key feature of each of the 22 apartments are the cantilevered landscaped terraces providing a connection to nature in the dense urban setting. Windows are placed on both the northern and southern perimeter so residents can enjoy cross ventilation as well as a full-height sliding glass door to their outdoor space.

  • 350-Bourke-St-001
  • Shortlaneinterior


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  • Short Lane exterior night
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  • Short lane balcony

    Short lane balcony

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